Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 Schedule of Events!

Noon – Official welcome

12:15 - Presentation of the Altgeld Award to Dawn Sherman, a student from Buffalo Grove High School who spoke out against a mandatory Moment of Silence

12:35 - Main Debate with Representative John A. Fritchey vs. Joseph Morris

1:05 - Putting the main debate in context with speakers from the Obama and McCain campaigns!

1:45 - Soapbox speakers take the stage! The following speakers have been confirmed:

  • Keith Bolin, from the American Corn Growers
  • Allison Carter, from the ACLU-Illinois; speaking on US Torture Policy
  • Nick Kreitman, Elmhurst College Students for a Democratic Society
  • Jing Luo, from the American Medical Students Association; speaking on Health Care Reform
  • Erwin Lutzer, from the Moody Church; speaking on “Why God is Not More Tolerant Than He Used To Be”
  • Michael Mackaplow; speaking on social fairness and political correctness
  • Joseph Paschen, writer and bartender; speaking against Chicago's anti-smoking ban
  • Paige Philips, bi-sexual activist; reading from The Grapes of Wrath
  • Rob Sherman; Why the Proposed Million Dollar State Grant to Pilgrim Baptist Church is Unconstitutional
  • Don Transue, architect of; speaking on expanded gun rights
  • Kelly Underman, from the University of Illinois in Chicago; speaking on “Your Life Doesn’t Wait: Why Abstinence Only is Failing This Generation"

3:15 - Poetry reading sponsored by the Poetry Foundation: "Let America Be America" by Langston Hughes

3:30 - Dill Pickle Award presented

3:40 - Open Mic