Monday, July 21, 2008

Two New Soapbox Debaters

We just confirmed two new Soapbox speakers today:

Enrique Perez, The Arrogance of Power: Why the Local Stuff is Also Important. Enrique Perez is an active member of his neighborhood, South Loop. In addition to publishing the weekly "Enrique's Community Updates," he is on the board of the Dearborn Park Advisory Council.

Herb Caplan, Who Is Stealing Our Parks? Herb Caplan was a long-time trial attorney for the City of Chicago. He is volunteer counsel for Protect Our Parks ( ). He will be talking about Protect Our Parks' efforts to stop the Park District from turning public lands over to private interests. Specifically, he will describe their recent lawsuit against the Park District and the Latin School for building an artificial turf soccer field in Lincoln Park.

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