Thursday, July 09, 2009

List of Soapbox Debaters

This year's soapbox debate topics include:

Soapbox Speeches
Soapbox speeches run no longer than fifteen minutes; all three soapboxes run simultaneously.

Soapbox 1
2:30 pm Jorge Mujica, “Enhance Immigrants’ Rights”

2:45 pm Nora Rowley, "The Use of Religion as a Weapon in Burma/Myanmar"

3:00 pm Haroon Rashid, “Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable: Chicago’s Most Underappreciated Historic Figure”

3:15 pm The Parking Ticket Geek, “Chicago’s Parking Debacle”

Soapbox 2
2:30 pm Rob Sherman, “Stop Unconstitutional Donations of Your Tax Dollars to Houses of Worship”

2:45 pm Erwin Lutzer, “The Resurrection of Jesus: Why All Historians Should Agree He Rose From the Dead”

3:00 pm Tom Tresser, "Chicago 2016 Olympics - Biggest Disaster since to Hit Chicago Since the Great Fire!"

3:15 pm Stephanie Velasco, “No One Should Be Caged: Amnesty International USA's Campaign for Immigrant Rights”

Soapbox 3
2:30 pm Herbert Caplan, “Artificial Turf is Poison: Chicago's Park District Is Responsible, The Victim Is You"

2:45 pm Michael Mackaplow, “A Politically Incorrect Recipe for a Fair and Prosperous Society”

3:00 pm Lina Thorne and Mars Caulton, “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology”

3:15 pm Raven Tillman, “Speech is Change”

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